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Developing tailored software tools to simplify your workflows
All young companies at the stage of their growth face this problem...
Initially, a small and friendly team works back to back, everyone does everything and helps the other when there are not enough hands - and this is a great start.

But now, the company managed to stay afloat, survived, and expanded its operations - and this approach starts to become a problem that threatens the very existence of the business.

The amount of data and information, rules and policies, as well as the number of employees grew quickly and unexpectedly. But the business leaders just did not have time to adapt to it. Moreover, it was exactly this style of work that helped the company survive during the most difficult period.

Meanwhile, transparency of work processes falls down, financial efficiency reduces, and overall staff productivity decrease. And ultimately, top-management loses control of it. The company gets stuck in a routine and stops in its growth...

40% of businesses fail within the first three years.
If you're in your firsts year, you're probably equal parts excited and nervous
Are you struggling with...?
Difficulty in delegation
It's faster to do everything yourself than to trust an employee and control the execution.
Low autonomy
You can't step away from your business for a couple of weeks and be calm about it.
Dominance of routine
A lot of routine distracts from main goals. Hard to concentrate.
Lack of transparency
You don't know exactly what each employee does.
Lots of unrelated tools
Each employee uses his own set of unrelated tools. Some do not use any at all.
Declining growth rate
Hitting a growth ceiling due to low productivity, motivation and controllability.
The stakes are too high to face these challenges alone.
But we can guide you through
About Foxyway
Our passion is to help our clients take control of the increased complexity of their business, get back on track with rapid growth and high performance, and take their company to new heights.

By creating tailored software tools to simplify the workflows,
over the past 10 years, our team has successfully automated logistics companies, warehouse complexes, oil producers and many others.

Whatever industry your are in,
we have something to offer you
We keep the process simple
Regardless of your business segment,
the steps remain the same
1. Analysis and Design
Our business analysts make the interviews, diagnose and measure problem processes.
Together we produce a draft solution.
2. Development and Deployment
Our software architects and development team implement this solution into an entirely new software tool, tailored specifically for your needs.
3. Adoption and Support
We take part in the adoption of new tools in your company and further provide technical support for the project. You won't be left alone with it.
Our prices
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The promise we deliver

Let your business refill you with a sense

of control and perfection

We always communicate precisely what you are getting and the options you have
We are meticulous about making sure everything is covered with our software solutions
We handle all the details and ensure everything runs without a hitch
Our customer service is about caring and making sure you are satisfied, not only with your purchase, but also with the way you feel throughout the whole journey.
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